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ELM327 OBDII Scan Tool - Setup Torque Pro App - Part 2

Video showing you the ELM327 V1.4 I purchased from Ebay for $20. This device connects via Bluetooth to my Android Tablet. The app I am using is Torque Pro for $4.95.

ELM327, Torque Pro, Track Recorder Plugin and a Stock 1999 Mercedes Benz ML320.

Track Recorder Upload.

Connect Your Car's Onboard Computer to Your Smartphone

We saw a blinking RC car going around the venue at Slush, and of course wanted to find out what it was about. It turns out it was a product demo by Ezway that shows how they can connect a smartphon...

Диагностика автомобиля. OBD2 Bluetooth ELM327 V1.5

elm 327

пример работы.

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