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OBD eZWay - fuel & diagnostics


Note! Works only with appropriate bluetooth gadgetWelcome to the community of smart drivers and cloud connected cars!eZWay gives- your car's personal web page at family car trip statistics- daily ratings of the best drivers- breakdown statistics- fuel cost control
Also you can turn off "check engine" light without visiting repair station and save money on diagnosticsJoin eZWay community in 3 simple steps:- plug eZWay adapter (elm327 bluetooth compatible) to your car- dowload the eZWay app- register and get your car's personal web page for free
The application connects to your car's on-board computer with the help of eZWay adapter, which can be easily plugged to a standard port of the car OBD2. The application runs whenever you're driving. Even if the phone is in your pocket!
eZWay independently analyzes the condition of the vehicle, automatically storing the information on car's personal web page. No permanent internet on your phone? - Not a problem, eZWay able to work via wi-fi.
What cars are supported?- any car made is US after 1996,- any car made in Europe after 2001- any car that supports OBDII standart
Where to purchase OBD 2 adapter?- at our website